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I’ve confessed before to avidly checking the stats on my site.  You know, just so I can keep an eye on things.  It makes me feel like I know something sort of important that I can slip into dinner party conversation.  Believe me, we go to lots of dinner parties so I need to be armed with interesting tidbits.  For some reason, people’s eyes tend to glaze over or they excuse themselves with a hairball-coughing fit when I explain that I’m a poet and a housewife.  Go figure.

But I digress.  I was checking my site stats last night before heading off to bed and noticed that people had found my site when searching the name “Amir Hekmati.”  I wrote about Hekmati back in January. Hekmati is the former Marine who was arrested in Iran for being a spy and sentenced to death.  Hekmati holds dual American-Iranian citizenship and had made his first trip to Iran over the summer to visit family.  For more of Hekmati’s story, check out the website his family has created.

My heart dropped when I saw Hekmati’s name come up in the search engine terms.  So I quickly Googled and the news is potentially good.  He’s being given a new trial.  There aren’t a lot of details, but then again, we are talking about Iran.  So maybe there’s hope that Hekmati will be home soon.

This got me thinking that I should check in on a couple of other stories as well.

The Girl Scouts have been in the news again lately.  The Girl Scouts celebrate their 100th anniversary on March 12th.  They’ll have to hold the party without Indiana Rep. Bob Morris though.  Morris decided not to sign a resolution congratulating the Girl Scouts for their milestone.  Instead, he condemned them for being a tactical arm of Planned Parenthood and a radicalized organization seeking to destroy American values through promotion of homosexuality and abortion.  Yeah maybe, but what’s weird is that his daughters were Girl Scouts at the time he made these comments.  Morris has since apologized for his comments and he’s been openly ridiculed in the Indiana House (someone brought in the Thin Mints).  His daughters are no longer Girl Scouts.  He’s stated that for him and his family “abortion is the biggest evil of our time.”

Remember those words: abortion…biggest evil…of our time. Now we’re going to take a quick look at some of today’s headlines.  Here are two from the NY Times front page: World Powers Agree to Resume Nuclear Talks With Iran & Obama Tells G.O.P. Critics War With Iran Is ‘Not a Game.’
From The Guardian: “Syria has again refused to allow aid into the destroyed suburb of Homs amid mounting evidence of human rights abuses, including the torture of victims at a hospital inside the city.”
From the BBC: Priests held in sex abuse inquiry.

I don’t need to say anything else, right?

And in following up on the GOP and birth control, there’s a lot of great material to tackle with Rush and his rude comments to Sandra Fluke.  But my soapbox is out being polished so I’ll keep it to this–Let’s introduce a new verb into colloquial speech.  “You’ve been Fluked!”  As in, you’ve made such an outrageous and blatantly false statement that even your advertisers have left you.  Or closer to the wording of such definitions in one of my favorite resources,–You said some f–k’d up s–t and now you got ditched.

Incidentally, Urban Dictionary defines a slut as “a woman with the morals of a man.”  Do you suppose that’s what Rush meant?



4 thoughts on “You’ve been Fluked! & other common search terms

  1. I try not to listen to him. Then I don’t have to worry about what he’s really talking about. But in the off times I do hear that boom of righteousness across the internet and radio waves, I generally just assume that everything he’s saying is somehow about him and his really large ego. Otherwise, it doesn’t make a damn bit of sense.

    The ones I really worry about are the people who turn to him for “news” and “information.” Imagine if Rush’s ongoing smear campaign was your source of reality. Frightening.

  2. Ha! Love that definition. I’m not surprised by Rush Limbaugh, but it’s still makes me sick. I remember working as an intern in college at a radio station that played Rush. I thought there was no way this guy is going to last long. Sad.

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